Broadside Managing Editor Aaron Locke

MyMason to update Blackboard for summer 2013

As the Class of 2013 walks across the stage at the Patriot Center on May 18, the information technology department will be busy rolling out new changes to Mason’s online learning management system, Blackboard.

“We are going to release it right after the spring semester, so actually during graduation. Summer classes start that Monday and we would like to have it available then,” said Joseph Balducci, manager of online learning resources.

Graduate student shoots for infinity and beyond

The first time Kamil Stelmach stepped out in public wearing his astronaut suit, he was stopped by a police officer.

“It turns out that it’s a class six felony to have your identity concealed in public in Virginia. So I got a little lecture on that, but since the officer figured I wasn’t going to rob a bank, he took a picture and shared it with the department and let me go,” said Kamil Stelmach, graduate chemistry student at Mason.