C2M Opinion Columnist Alex Williams

OPINION: How do we communicate tragedy to children?

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the principal of Sanders Corner Elementary School in Ashburn was struck by a vehicle while out walking in the neighborhood around the school and listening to music through headphones. Hit by a teen driving a Dodge Durango, Kathleen Hwang was pronounced dead later that afternoon at an area hospital.

OPINION: Free speech zones and the struggle for freedom of expression

It is election season, and many students are asking: Why vote?

In 2008, voter turnout for 18-24 year olds reached a high of 49 percent, and many analysts predict this number to return to a more lackadaisical norm for 2012. While colleges are often considered the bastions of liberal arts and free speech, the condensing of First Amendment rights to a “free speech zone” on campus have hindered, rather than encouraged, civic engagement.