C2M Photo and Video Editor Jake McLernon

Valentine's, or VCU? [VIDEO]

How did students answer the question in the North Plaza? (Jake McLernon)

February 14 goes by many names for students. For many, it's Valentine's Day. For some, it's Singles Awareness Day, Hallmark Day or V-Day. This year, for the Mason Nation, V-day might carry a whole new name: VCU Day.

Student-organized event draws inspiration from Million Man March

Bundled in warm jackets atop of business suits, members of the Mason community took to Patriot Circle this weekend to emulate the Million Man March that took place nearly two decades ago. 

Where to watch the big game

Giants or Patriots? Who are Mason Patriots rooting for? (Jake McLernon)

Super Bowl Sunday is here.

The New England Patriots and the New York Giants will face off again in the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind. for Super Bowl XLVI.

The two teams played each other in 2008 for the Vince Lombardi trophy, with the Giants standing victorious in the 4th quarter, 17-14.

Social media to determine menu for burrito joint’s replacement

The menu for Burrito Del Ray's replacement will be determined via feedback on Mason Dining's Facebook page. During the first week of classes, and the start of the Chinese New Year, the location served Chinese.

Full menu Subway opens in new dorm

A new Subway restaurant is open for business in the Rogers dorm building, adding a fourth sandwich location to the university’s Fairfax campus.

First looks at Mason's newest housing: Rogers and Whitetop [VIDEO]

Construction is complete, doors are open and students now occupy the Fairfax campus's two newest residence halls. Connect2Mason took a look at the new housing (and student reactions) at the beginning of the spring semester.