C2M Reporter Reuben Jones

Metro to Mason shuttle catches fire, no injuries

No injuries were reported this morning after a Metro to Mason shuttle carrying approximately 14 passengers caught fire, according to Mason’s parking and transportation director.

At approximately 7:45 a.m. the driver of the Reston Limousine shuttle bus sensed there was a problem after he heard a pop from the engine. The driver then pulled off the road and into the Sunrise Senior Assisted Living home parking lot.

Then smoke began coming from the hood of the vehicle and the driver evacuated the passengers and called 911.

Study points to dangers of lower drinking age

Diners over the age of 21 enjoy an alcoholic refreshment during lunch recently at The Rathskeller. (George Yanez) 

Student Governments hosts open house

Members of George Mason University’s Student Government sponsored an open house last week for anyone interested in speaking with an elected representative or for students looking to get information about the organization.

“We want to be accessible to all students,” said Ally Bowers, the speaker for the 31st student senate.