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Provost search committee releases names of final candidates

The names of the four finalists to the Provost search process were released in an email announcement to Mason students and faculty late Monday night.

"Over the past six weeks, the search committee reviewed more than 70 applicants for the position of provost," Kelly wrote in the email. "During the holiday break we interviewed 12 semi-finalists. I want to take a moment to thank all the members of the committee for giving up a significant portion of their break for this effort."

Five higher ed problems that will face Virginia’s next Secretary of Education

As Anne Holton, wife of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, prepares for her new job as Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth, she'll be faced with a number of issues ranging from early childhood development to university research funding. Here are a few challenges that she'll find in Virginia's higher education system:

1. Meeting the financial needs is becoming a huge problem

Editor's Blog: Virginia officials to study "Pay It Forward, "Pay It Back" program

In an online forum with Virginia21, a non-profit lobbying group that focuses on higher education issues, State Senator John Edwards spoke about a new tuition model that may alleviate some of the burden of college tuition.

General Assembly to address burdensome interstate online education regulations

Incorporating online education into Mason’s academic programs was a key component of the strategic plan that was adopted in December of last year.

Proposed state budget could provide support to Mason’s growing financial aid problem

Every year, Virginia undergraduates who demonstrate financial need get a part of their tuition covered by the student financial assistance program (VSFAP).

The amount of money allocated to financial need students has actually been rising steadily over the past few years. In 2007, $108 million was slated for the program, and about $150 million was allocated in 2012.

Editor's Blog: Mason's Board of Visitors donates overwhelmingly to Republican candidates

Conversation about last year's gubernatorial election was partly dominated by the role of campaign finance. Both major candidates raised a large amount of money, including millions from out-of-state donors, to help fund highly partisan campaigns for governor.

Editor’s Blog: Top higher education bills to watch in the upcoming General Assembly session

The Virginia General Assembly will convene its 2014 legislative session on January 8th. The session, which only lasts until the beginning of March, is a whirlwind of policy debate that affects all Virginians. As a public university, George Mason University is heavily influenced by decisions made by state policymakers. This year, there are a number of bills that could impact Mason and its students. Here is a brief roundup of some of those bills:

1. Restrictions on out-of-state enrollment

Editor’s Blog: Restrictions on out-of-state enrollment create space by increasing cost

For the past few years, a group of Virginia state legislators have repeatedly attempted to restrict out-of-state enrollment in the Commonwealth’s public universities.