Fourth Estate Staff Writer Amy Woolsey

Ph.D students teach courses and take on double lead for extra experience

Graduate students are saddled with an enormous amount of responsibility. In addition to studying, many of them teach classes, conduct their own research and work multiple jobs.

“[We’re] gluttons for punishment,” said Steven Harris-Scott with a laugh.

At Krasnow Institute, students conduct high-profile research

The Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study is not easy to find.

Nestled away at the very edge of the Mason Fairfax campus, on a small side street off Shenandoah Lane, the institute looks indistinguishable from any other university building.

Inside, students labor over homework in the Great Room, a high-ceilinged library complete with a fireplace, and hunch over microscopes in the many labs.

Posters cover the hallway walls, displaying graphs, charts and titles like “Communication Development of Autism Spectrum Disorder Through a Behavior-Level Approach.”