Melody Mitchell

Campus Crusade for Christ poses question on freedom

What does it mean to be truly free?  That was the question being asked on a giant poster board outside the Johnson Center in North Plaza last week on April 13 and 14. The event, which was sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ, was an outreach project meant to promote conversation between students of different religious backgrounds and to make people think.

Healthy eating made easier on campus

With 27 different restaurants and kiosks on George Mason University’s three campuses, there is a variety of dining options for students and facility.  However, this also means more and easier access to less nutritious foods.  Most people don’t have time to sit down to a wholesome meal between classes, homework, sports and other commitments, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go without healthy dietary options.

Biking becoming a popular method of transport following incentives, new bike racks

Biking is becoming an increasingly popular method of getting around campus. (Jake McLernon)

Spring fashion blooms at Mason

Spring has finally arrived in northern Virginia, which means goodbye North Face jackets, Ugg boots and comfy pea coats, at least until the cold weather comes back. Some trends coming up for the spring are floral print tanks and tee’s, chiffon tops, ruffled dresses and loose, flowy cardigans. Skinny jeans and ballet flats for ladies are a must, but vests and flared jeans are making a big comeback this season. A lot of trends right now are based on a boho-chic style.