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Baby Mason Grows Up

The basketball team’s run to the Final Four inspired one couple to name their new son, “Mason.”

Mason Jon Holdsworth, born March 22, 2006, is now a typical threeyear old boy who likes soccer, basketball, and nearly all sports. He lives in New York with his Mason alumni parents, Jason and Karen Holdsworth, classes of 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Kryptonite Kids: The Final Four Basketball Players Then and Now

Tony Skinn, #1
Communication, 2006
2006 GoMason.com Statistics: 6’1” 185 lb.

Where Were You?: President Alan Merten Remembers

George Mason University President Alan Merten remembers how 9/11 affected him personally as a father and as a member of the Pentagon Survivors' Fund Governance Board. He also discusses his pride in the leadership and actions of the university administration in the days following and how the Mason community came together as a safe haven for all its members, including Muslim students. 

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