Senior News Editor Yasmin Tadjdeh

Breastival raises awareness for breast cancer

Students celebrated Breastival on Thursday.

Mason named one of the best schools for vegan cuisine in U.S. by Peta2

The dining options at George Mason University recently had Mason named one of the top vegan schools in the country by Peta2.

The Most Vegan-Friendly College competition, sponsored by Peta2, has been going on for a few weeks now.

Mason, a training ground for parkour

Strolling through campus and suddenly seeing a guy jump off a wall, climb up a building, and hop from one ledge to another—it’s not a movie scene with a daring stunt guy—its just Parkour.

This growing group of stuntsters are infiltrating locations from parks to malls to George Mason University.

Toys bring their story to campus

It’s midway through fall semester of college, but do you know where your childhood toys are?

Well, this weekend they’ve invaded campus.

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By the Bench: Pride Alliance

You've sat on them. You've ate a Chick-fil-A sandwich on them. But do you know anything about the student groups behind them?

One of Connect2Mason's new goals for the year: conduct a short, fun video interview with members of each of the student groups represented on the benches lining the Quad's main sidewalk outside of Student Union Building I.