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Previewing the Field

The Old Dominion Monarchs clinched their first regular season title since the 2004-05 season with a win over the VCU Rams on Saturday afternoon. After Northeastern Huskies’ close victory over the George Mason Patriots, the Huskies have secured the number two seed heading into this weekend’s Colonial Athletic Association Tournament.

Patriots Clip Blue Hens 61-59

The night was plagued by extremely poor free throw shooting and a stagnant offense, but outstanding defense down the stretch allowed the George Mason University men’s basketball team (17-12, 12-5) to outlast the Delaware Blue Hens (7-22, 3-14) on Wednesday night.

Reluctant Refereeing: Game Light on Fouls until End as Huskies Top Patriots

After 18 consecutive Colonial Athletic Association victories at the Patriot Center, the George Mason Patriots men’s basketball team dropped their third straight home game on Saturday afternoon in a nail-biting 50-48 finish to the Northeastern Huskies. The Patriots conclude the regular season with a 17-13 overall record and a 12-6 conference record, while the Huskies improved to 19-11 overall and 14-4 in the CAA.

No Seats for the Obese? In Some Cases, Passengers Should Purchase Two Seats

Obesity is a problem that many Americans face today. However, the other day, I heard a story about famed director Kevin Smith, who is widely known for his role as Silent Bob in the Clerks films, being removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because he was too fat to fit into a seat. At first this astounded me; I never knew someone could actually be kicked off a flight due to body size.

A Student’s Lessons Learned: Finding Wisdom From Past Mistakes

It all started with the required reading book Walden Two written by psychologist B. F. Skinner. The book described an idyllic, utopian commune that flourishes in post-World War II America, in a community where the subject of History is not taught. When the founder, Frazier, is confronted with this fact, he replies that history has no use, because it is full of mistakes and human recording error.

Rebuttal to Climategate Response: Bring It On: ‘Debate on the Hypocrisy of Anthropogenic Global Warming’

Apparently, there are still a minor few out there who drink the climate change alarmist Kool-Aid. While people like George Mason University Sustainability Assistant Colin Bennett and seemingly the entire Office of Sustainability would prefer to mudsling, I am happy to level some truth.I’m thrilled to report that support for this eco-radical farce is dwindling and that the lies are being exposed.

Burger King Economics: Attaching Dollar Signs to Everything Doesn’t Bode Well

My brother-in-law once said to me, “What I love about economists is the way they can put a dollar figure on everything. They can say, ‘Sitting at one additional traffic light costs a driver $5.37.’” It is nice of him to tell me what he loves about my profession, especially since I’ve never once returned the favor with, “You know what I love about energy traders . . . ?”

Twitter to the Rescue!: Social Networking Sites Create New Adventures for Amateur Journalists

On February 12, 2010, two Metro cars on a six-car train jumped the rail. While there were no serious injuries, over 300 passengers were left stranded, and once again the thousands of people using the D.C. Metro system every day were left wondering: What the hell is going on here? There are many reasons to be alarmed.

Hunting for an Oscar: Christoph Waltz Looks to Win Big

Before his turn as Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, Christoph Waltz was an Austrian actor who had never done an American film. Having never been featured in a film outside of Europe, the worldwide audience that lined up to see Inglorious Basterds was surprised, albeit pleasantly, at the performace of the previously unknown Waltz.

The Crazy Heart of Jeff Bridges

This year, Los Angeles native Jeff Bridges is the forerunner for the Best Actor award for his role as Bad Blake in Crazy Heart. For fans like me, this attention, praise and heaps of “shoo-in” talk is a long time coming.