Staff Writer Evan Benton

Going Nuts for Testival: Annual festival educates and entertains students

Testival, arguably George Mason University’s best and most popular celebration of testicles, returns Thursday for another bout of ball-grabbing and free T-shirts.

Sponsored by the Office of Alcohol, Drug and Health Education, University Life and Phi Sigma Kappa, Testival has been going strong for the past several years and manages to support a very important cause while keeping it all tongue-in-cheek with their catchy slogan, “Check your nuts.”

Previewing the field: NBA postseason begins as Lakers look to defend their crown

Western Conference

No. 1 Los Angeles Lakers vs. No. 8 Oklahoma City Thunder
In the incredibly competitive West, young upstarts Oklahoma City are looking to bring the lightning to the defending champion Lakers and perennial overachiever Kobe Bryant. However, the Lakers look to defend their title with one of the top defenders in the league, Ron Artest. Los Angeles was rated in the top 10 this season, allowing just 96.3 points per game thanks to the suffocating defensive play from Artest.

Causing mass Hysteria

Let me take you back nearly 30 years to the era of the much underappreciated and misunderstood glam-metal genre.

Its heyday lay between the glitzy, extravagant and unapologetic years of 1981 and 1989, characterized by titans like Great White, Cinderella, Winger, Firehouse and L.A. Guns.

This was a time of rampant androgyny, of tight spandex pants and their essential bulges.

Will the real Bon Jovi please stand up?

Jon Bon Jovi is perhaps most responsible for ushering in the short-lived but ridiculously popular hair metal genre in the mid – late ’80s. While that may not be the greatest compliment in this day and age, it’s nevertheless a fantastic personal achievement.

Forensics team wins big at world tournament: Group takes highest honors at tourny for second year in a row

The George Mason University Forensics team traveled to Germany last week to take part in the International Forensic Association tournament, held at the Park Iron Hotel in downtown Berlin.
In addition to winning the team sweepstakes award (effectively the championship) for the second straight year, Mason also had five world champions: Samantha Sapienza for Informative Speaking, Katie Miller for Poetry, Jen Torres and Tyler Dailey for Duo Interpretation, Danielle Ohrenberger for Prose and Mickey Cox for After Dinner Speaking.