Style Editor Patrick Wall

An Automatic Classic

When history looks back on ’90s alternative rock, the word “fleeting” will likely define much of the genre’s music. The decade produced some incredible work, but not without its price.

Many bands released an exceptional breakthrough album, then failed to recreate that initial magic and spent the rest of their career in stagnation.

Rebooting Tosh.0; Daniel Tosh Chats About Living the Dream and Making Fun of the Web

Daniel Tosh likes poking fun at people. His stand-up routine involves gems like his “Febreeze the Homeless” charity and jabs at religion.

But with his hit Comedy Central show Tosh.0, he has a whole new group of people to lampoon — people doing stupid things on the Internet.

Tosh made a name for himself doing stand-up comedy, appearing several times on Comedy Central. The network produced his stand up special and featured him on several shows.