Yasmin Tadjdeh

'No impact on library operations' after minor flood

Part of Fenwick Library flooded last week due to heavy rains and a blocked drain.

“We did have some water enter the basement of Fenwick Library overnight on Thursday night,” said Dorothy Lockaby, head of University Libraries Access Services.

Lockaby cited the reason for the flooding as heavy rains that came into the area last week coupled with a blocked drain.

Your Body is a Wonderland: Love Your Body Week Promotes Healthy Body Images

Last week, George Mason University celebrated Love Your Body Week. The week, which was hosted by the Eating Disorders and Positive Body Image Awareness Taskforce, aimed to encourage students to love themselves no matter what they look like.

Women’s History Month Begins: Events to Showcase the Contributions of Women

This month, students on campus will have the opportunity to learn more about the contributions of women to our society. The Women and Gender Studies Center will be hosting Women’s History Month at George Mason University this March. Through performances, art and seminars, officials involved in making Women’s History Month hope to educate students on women’s issues.

Snow Storm Still Causing Headaches: With Giant Snow Piles and Icy Sidewalks, Anxiety Over Safety Remains a Concern

Although ‘Snowpocalypse’ has been over for two weeks now, the effect of the massive storm is still clear at George Mason University. When students returned on Friday, Feb. 12, much of the campus was covered in knee-high snow, despite the efforts of Mason to clean up the campus.

Dear Mr. President Students Write Postcards to Obama Regarding the Defense of Marriage Act

By Yasmin Tadjdeh, Asst. News Editor

With Washington, D.C. right around the corner, George Mason University students are signing, sealing and delivering their postcards to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

This Thursday, Mason students will be hosting the Postcards to the President Card-A-Thon.

“Postcards to the President is a non-profit group started in L.A. after Prop 8,” said Quincey Smith, junior communication major and a member of the organizing group for Postcards to the President at Mason.