CFA opens 2013-2014 season with Jeffrey Siegel

Jeffrey Siegel begins his twenty-first year at CFA playing tunes of Gershwin (photo courtesy of Center for the Arts).

This Sunday kicks off the 2013-2014 season of Great Performances at Mason by the Center for the Arts (CFA). All throughout the year, concerts, operas, plays and other artistic spectacles will be rotating through the doors of the Center for the Arts, spectacles which any full-time Mason student can see for free.

Grammy-winning soprano Leona Mitchelll visits Mason

As someone who has had a rather shaky introduction to opera, I have since fallen in love with it.  Not because I know how difficult it is to hit that C sharp in the middle of an aria, but because the stories wrapped within the music are reflective of the feelings humans go through each day. Instead of telling the audience through a monologue of a character’s emotions, they are sung with such empathy that  literally makes one quake in their seat. Without realizing it, you are swept up and all language barriers are forgotten.

Top 5 Weekend Picks October 25

Every week Connect2Mason will offer five entertainment picks for your weekend. Ranging from on-campus to off-campus events, Connect2Mason's Top 5 will give you a jump start on your weekend. Here are the Top 5 picks for this weekend:

1. Into the Woods