Mason community joins together for The Hunt

A team of students consults The Hunt's solution sheet to see if they are on the right track to winning $1,000. (Jake McLernon) 

Connect2Mason launches new logo

We're cleaning up for a new year of news coverage at George Mason University. Check out our polished look.

Positions open for the fall

Thinking ahead to the fall? Thinking ahead to life after college and the start of your career? Maybe it’s time to consider some experience in the fast-paced world of online journalism.

Prizes announced for The Hunt, student teams can win $1,000 Executive Editor Kevin Loker just announced the grand prizes in its massive scavenger hunt and puzzle game set for Welcome Week:

C2M to host massive puzzle game 'adventure' during Welcome Week

Screenshot of The Hunt's website, which launched Tuesday. The Welcome Week competition is set for Saturday, Sept. 3. 

Site with sketched countdown appears on Connect2Mason

Looks like Connect2Mason is counting down to something big.

Check out this site to sign up and hear more.


Join the C2M team

Thinking about next semester? 

Connect2Mason is looking to fill positions for the spring. We're looking for motivated, creative and funny folks to fill roles for paid, academic credit and volunteer-based experience.

Positions with openings are outlined below. Application instructions are outlined at the bottom of the page.