Fire weather invades the east

(Photo courtesy of Nick Stasiak)

It’s not very often that you see my weather report say, ‘Red Flag Warning.’ This past Tuesday, the National Weather Service issued a Fire Weather Watch. On Wednesday, Fairfax was upgraded to a ‘Red Flag Warning.’ Everyone from the west coast here at Mason knew just what this meant. The term was pretty odd to the rest of us though. So what exactly does a ‘Fire Weather’ or ‘Red Flag’ alert mean?

Toasters' 'propensity to create fires' results in ban

Toasters and toaster ovens have been deemed unsafe for all on-campus residences. The new safety policy regarding open-heating elements now applies to both residences with and without kitchens.

Defective heater unit causes evacuation at Piedmont Hall

Fire trucks responding at Piedmont Hall (Jake McLernon)

Smoke was reported this evening on the fourth floor of Piedmont Hall resulting in the evacuation of Tidewater and Piedmont Halls

Metro to Mason shuttle catches fire, no injuries

No injuries were reported this morning after a Metro to Mason shuttle carrying approximately 14 passengers caught fire, according to Mason’s parking and transportation director.

At approximately 7:45 a.m. the driver of the Reston Limousine shuttle bus sensed there was a problem after he heard a pop from the engine. The driver then pulled off the road and into the Sunrise Senior Assisted Living home parking lot.

Then smoke began coming from the hood of the vehicle and the driver evacuated the passengers and called 911.