Costs block development of Greek row

Mason has twenty fraternities and sororities that recruit in the fall and sixteen more that accept members throughout the school year. Yet without campus-provided housing, the groups face unique problems like reserving spaces for events and forming their own living arrangements. Members often room together or rent houses off campus.

Mason’s first-ever Asian American fraternity initiated

Pi Delta Psi was recently initiated as Mason’s first Asian-American cultural fraternity chapter.

Considering that Mason has eight cultural interest sororities and fraternities, including one Asian-American interest sorority, the fraternity’s founders reasoned that Mason needed an Asian-American cultural fraternity.

Greeks raise money for charity during Shack-a-Thon

Although the shacks have since come down, earlier this week sororities and fraternities hitched up small shacks, many themed, to raise money for charity. The annual Shack-a-Thon is celebrated every year during Greek Week, where Greeks from all around campus build and live in the small shacks, all while collecting money for Habitat for Humanity.