George Mason University

Students take part in annual Patriot's Day

Students packed the Quad between Fenwick and Student Union Building I on Friday afternoon, celebrating George Mason University’s annual Patriot’s Day.

Participants were treated to free pizza, popcorn, smoothies and cotton candy. Additionally, students were able to take part in a variety of activities, from fortune telling, to a moon bounce, to a mechanical bull all while listening to bands playing live.


Question Box: Um... What's that house by President's Park?

The Buchanan House is home to 1986 Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize winner of Economic Sciences, James M. Buchanan. Buchanan, 92 years old, is still an active member of George Mason University’s staff.

The house was built in the 1920s and was the former home of previous GMU President George W. Johnson. Later the building was renovated to be used for student research and hold the Center for Study of Public Choice.