Gunston Hall

Top 5 Weekend Picks March 21

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Questions surround management of George Mason’s former home

Supporters of George Mason’s former home, Gunston Hall Estate, are questioning the historic landmark’s future after the dismissal of the sites long time education coordinator in late January.

Gunston Hall has long since been a museum open to visitors that is run by a group of six permanent staffers, the Board of Advisors, the Board of Regents, and two volunteer groups known as the docents and the Gunstonians.

Staffing controversy at Gunston Hall

The termination of Gunston Hall's education coordinator and the performance of the director are causing waves at the 18th century plantation which was home to George Mason, the man.  Volunteers and staff are questioning the ongoing mission of Gunston Hall as a supposed education site.  Read the Lorton Patch story here.