Students protest upcoming renovations to Ike’s

As the university prepares to renovate Ike’s, the late-night diner located in Presidents’ Park, some students are not so eager to see the changes.

Early in the 2013 spring semester, rising sophomores Jared Donohue and Rich Dillon worked together to rally support against the renovations under the campaign “Save Ike’s.”

OPINION: Pilot House lacks the efficiency of Ike's

The line at Pilot House is really, really long. It is not that I am frustrated simply with the size of the line, but I am frustrated with the number of staff working the registers—it is never more than one. The line can literally be wrapped around to the point that the ends touch and Pilot House will still have one person working.

Register upgrades cause technical issues at Ike’s, Starbucks

Unrelated to the electrical problems that caused Pilot House to close Thursday, Starbucks and Ike’s were forced to close early Friday night due to technical issues of their own.

Licensing issues have slowed the conversion to the register systems at several locations, including Starbucks, Ike’s and Rathskellar, according to Denise Ammaccapane, Resident District Manager of Mason Dining. 

Pilot House sets sail, NY-style pizza docks at Mason

As of New School Year’s Eve 2010, Ike’s is no longer the only late-night eatery on the George Mason University campus.

The Pilot House opened its doors to the Mason community Sunday at 5 p.m. Attached to the new dormitory Hampton Roads, The Pilot House is a 120-seat dining venue that is expected to alleviate the rush at Ike’s.

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