Ozil United claims Spring Intramural Soccer Championship

The Men’s All-Campus Game itself was rather uneventful as Ozil United was crowned champion after Pike A, the winners of the IFC Bracket, simply forfeited.  However, the champion’s path to the All-Campus game was a rather stunning feat.

Dream team takes A-League, Stacking Cake takes B-League in Spring 4v4 Flag Football

In Spring 4v4 Flag Football Post-Season Tournament, the Men’s A-League Championship went to No. 3 seed Dream Team after dispatching the No. 5 seed FAF, 48-22, in the finals.

Intramurals, Rec Sports department to transition to University Life

George Mason University’s Intramural and Recreational Sports programs are currently under the school’s Athletics Department; however it will be making the move to the University Life department in the near future. Although the exact date for the transition is uncertain, it will happen by July 1.

The Intramural and Recreational Sports Assistant Director, Paul Bazzano, was unsure of where the idea of the move originally came from, but was confident stating that, “The move has been in the works for a while.”

'Mason Soccer' wins intramural 3-on-3 tournament

With his team winning 15-11 and just one point needed to win the game, freshman Hugh Roberts squared up and swished a shot from just beyond the three-point arc. He raised his hands and was instantly mobbed by his teammates and fans that came to watch the finals of the intramural 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.

Roberts’ game-winning shot cemented team "Mason Soccer" as the tournament champions.

Dir-T Birdz win intramural soccer championship

The Dir-T Birdz defeated the Saints, 1-0, to capture the Fall Co-Rec Soccer title Thursday night in front of a lively crowd at Robinson Field.

Both teams were undefeated, 5-0, entering the championship game of the 10-team league.