OPINION: Israel Apartheid Week unjustly generalizes international debate

Letter to the Editor:

Every February, students supporting the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel pepper university campuses with vitriolic lectures and protests demanding the cultural and academic boycott of Israeli institutions by the international community.  They claim that Israel treats Palestinians inhumanely by occupying their territory and racially discriminating against Israel’s own Arab citizens.  These, they claim, amount to "apartheid", not unlike the treatment of the South African Blacks before 1994.

Study abroad program features National Geographic explorers

Mason’s school for Conflict Analysis and Resolution recently announced a new study abroad program in collaboration with National Geographic Explorers.

For the first time ever, the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution will include National Geographic Explorers on their yearly trip to Israel and Palestine in Jan. 2014.

CRDC Executive Director Aziz Abu Sarah helped establish this collaboration between National Geographic and Mason.

Mason students speak out about Israeli-Palestinian conflict

In light of recent operations by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip, dozens of students attended a Nov. 15 protest on the Gaza Strip held at George Mason University's North Plaza.

The recent Israeli military actions are directed at Hamas, the Islamic political party that governs the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have conducted missile-strikes in the area, while Israeli cities have been targeted by Hamas rocket-fire.

Protestors took turns discussing their opinions about the crisis, some shedding tears as they expressed their sympathy for the people of Gaza.