John Brennan

OPINION: CPAC straw poll shows Rand Paul captured American voters' attention with filibuster

Rand Paul’s March 6 filibuster, affectionately referred to by the public as “Filliblizzard,” has been the talk of the politics world for the past few weeks—especially because of the surprising amount of bipartisan support that surfaced for Rand during his almost thirteen hour speech. However, many people outside the political loop, and even some on the inside, wonder why Rand Paul put so much energy into a senatorial technique which many deem to be old-fashioned and a waste of time.

OPINION: The importance of confirming Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

Chuck Hagel has a good history. Because of his fairly clean, relatively moderate and free-thinking background, it’s not particularly surprising that he was chosen by President Obama to be the next Secretary of Defense. As a Republican senator from Nevada, Hagel voted largely along Republican Party lines, receiving a lifetime rating of 84 percent from the American Conservative Union. After retiring from the Senate, he entered the realm of academia as a professor at Georgetown University.