Letter to the Editor

OPINION: Legal representation hinders the goals of student conduct process

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the invitation to provide an opinion on HB 1123, a bill that has been proposed in the Virginia legislature. that The proposed bill would allow attorneys to actively participate in student conduct hearings at public institutions by representing students who are involved in cases that could result in suspension or expulsion from the institution.  As a professional educator, I am concerned about HB1123 for several reasons.

OPINION: Israel Apartheid Week unjustly generalizes international debate

Letter to the Editor:

Every February, students supporting the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel pepper university campuses with vitriolic lectures and protests demanding the cultural and academic boycott of Israeli institutions by the international community.  They claim that Israel treats Palestinians inhumanely by occupying their territory and racially discriminating against Israel’s own Arab citizens.  These, they claim, amount to "apartheid", not unlike the treatment of the South African Blacks before 1994.

Letter to the Editor: Students should be allowed to have legal representation in conduct hearings

Fourth Estate reported on January 30 about HB 1123, a bill pending in the Virginia legislature to guarantee university students the right to hire counsel in disciplinary hearings for serious, non-academic charges.