Office of Student Conduct

OPINION: Legal representation hinders the goals of student conduct process

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the invitation to provide an opinion on HB 1123, a bill that has been proposed in the Virginia legislature. that The proposed bill would allow attorneys to actively participate in student conduct hearings at public institutions by representing students who are involved in cases that could result in suspension or expulsion from the institution.  As a professional educator, I am concerned about HB1123 for several reasons.

OPINION: Student conduct policies are archaic, dangerous

It is a real shame when a university that prides itself on innovative thinking refuses to follow policy recommendations that can and will save student lives. As you can read in Ellen Glickman’s article, Mason’s own expert on public health has recommended that the university adopt a Good Samaritan policy.

Student conduct revises first offense marijuana policy

Last semester, Mason Student Government met with the Office of Student Conduct to discuss a marijuana sanction issue bothering the student body.

“I’ve been in Student Government for four years,” senior Attorney General Rachel Grimesey said. “This comes up every single year, but it’s always dropped because a new administration, a new group of students come in, but every year we’re seeing the same issues.”