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Students bring back Holi celebration

In collaboration with Student Government and Class Councils, George Mason University’s Indian Student Association is holding Holi Moli, a campus-wide celebration of the Hindu holiday Holi  on March 30. Students are encouraged to celebrate by throwing colored powder on each other.

 “When the executive planning board was figuring out what events we wanted to do this year, Holi was something we wanted to try to bring to campus again,” said Nupur Khullar, Vice President of the Indian Student Association. Mason has not had a Holi celebration in seven years.

Mason's Swing Dance Club brings a slice of the past

If you’ve walked by the dance studio in the Johnson Center on any given Tuesday or Thursday night, you may have heard the sounds of jazz music blaring from the room. If you investigated a little more, you may have seen the fast-paced dancing by students of the Swing Dance Club having some fun.