6 Albus Dumbledore quotes to motivate you during finals week

With the occasional finals oriented tweaking, the following quotes should be able to motivate even the most woebegone student to academic excellence during the upcoming finals week.

Also, Puppies.


Virginia higher education system plays major role in state economy

According to a new study, every dollar spent by Virginia public higher education institutions is associated with an additional $1.29 in state revenue and adds $17.40 to the state gross domestic product.

The study, released by the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, was created for the Virginia Business Higher Education Council.

OPINION: Study strategies that might surprise you

Final exams are just around the corner. This time of year can be blissful or agonizing. Some students may be blessed with a reduced exam load, while others are trying to resolve any exam time conflicts. There will be plenty of stress in dealing with final exams. However, the key to finishing the semester well is having a finals week game plan.

Here are some useful strategies inspired by Cal Newport’s book How to Become a Straight- A Student.

De-stress over finals

As the end of the semester approaches, assignments start to pile up, and the annual “De-Stress” events begin to pop up all over the Mason campus. By now, students are beginning to feel the stress that accompanies the final exam period. However, stress and anxiety don’t have to be hallmarks of the season. Here are a few ways to ease the tension and stress you may be feeling:

Top 5 flash mobs [DECEMBER DIVERSION]


Welcome to the first December Diversion. 

Below are Connect2Mason's 5 favorite videos of flash mobs and other similar stunts. They should kill a good twenty minutes or so, and then it's back to your 12-pager on Keynesian economics.

Or Facebook. Your call.