OPINION: It is time to put an end to Harlem Shake videos

For the love of God, please stop with the Harlem Shake.

YouTube makes it easy—almost too easy—for everyone and their mother to jump on the latest dance trends bandwagon. We’ve lived through the Stanky Leg, the uncoordinated gyrating of “shuffling” and now find ourselves in the much-needed recession of Gangnam Style.

The Harlem Shake had its 30 seconds of fame and now needs to exit the stage.

OPINION: GMU Confessions and the effects of anonymity

With almost four thousand “likes,” the newly created Facebook page GMU Confessions has practically overrun the campus. It distracts students everywhere from their responsibilities and replaces them with hours of off-color entertainment and hilarious conversational topics. The confessions are so widely viewed that an oatmeal epidemic, shall we say, has stemmed from one unfortunate person’s account of their roommate’s blatant misuse of the breakfast product.