Low enrollment leads to Law School tuition freeze

During its final meeting of 2013, the Board of Visitors voted on Dec. 12th to freeze the tuition of Mason’s law school for the upcoming school year.

The tuition freeze was prompted by low enrollment numbers at the law school, which have been dropping steadily since 2010, with a decrease of approximately 84 students from 2010 to 2012.

Dan Polsby, the dean of the law school, attributes the low enrollment numbers to the economic recession and a limited job market for new lawyers.

OPINION: Increasing education costs are destroying college

I am a junior at Mason studying government and international politics.

I pay for my own food, my own housing and my own tuition. I have to pay, out-of-pocket after financial aid, $2,446 this semester for my education (not including food and my cell phone bill each month).

While this may not seem like a lot, the burden of working and class combined is definitely stressful to say the least.

Mason to study new William & Mary tuition freeze

In an effort to address the rising cost of higher education, the College of William and Mary approved a “tuition freeze” on April 19 for current students, meaning tuition rates will not be raised during a student’s four-years at the college, except to account for inflation. To help pay for the new policy, incoming freshmen will pay 14 percent higher tuition in the 2013-2014 school year.

Provost Stearns discusses raises in tuition costs

In a recent blog post, Provost Peter Stearns explained the reason for increases in tuition at George Mason University.

After a friend of the university mentioned to him that rising tuition costs could be a result of the school’s fiscal irresponsibility, Stearns researched the issue to check the validity of these claims.

University budget outlook not entirely bleak

Senior Vice President Maurice Scherrens described the university’s budget outlook last week as “good news in the context of bad news.” Provost Peter Stearns expressed similar sentiments.

Economic Burden Shifted to Mason Students, Parents

George Mason University (GMU) and higher learning institutions around the country have responded to the double-headed monster of state budget cuts and an ailing economy by forcing students and parents to shoulder an increasing share of the economic burden, according to GMU officials and knowledgeable observers.

Tuition to rise starting this fall

The faculty and staff of George Mason University gathered Wednesday in the Johnson Center Cinema to hear Senior Vice President Maurice Scherrens and Provost Peter Stearns give an update on the university’s budget.

With very few students in attendance, faculty and staff members filled the cinema hoping to hear about potential salary increases and an updates on tuition increases.

On the minds of many students is the increase in tuition rates.

Students sign petition to hyperinflate dollar

The above video was shot by members of the Mason Students for