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OPINION: Why smokers on campus should be mindful of other people

If you’ve been to Starbucks, Innovation Hall or the breezeway between Robinson A and B anytime recently, you have probably noticed the hoards of smokers that congregate outside the doorways and socialize. For smokers, it seems these are some of the go-to places to burn a butt between classes. Normally, smokers don’t bother me. I’ve been exposed to cigarette smoke most of my life, having two smokers for parents.

Student government explores new decision making policies

On September 7, the Student Senate created a task force to find new ways of representing the student body in forming university policies.

“The Student Senate of George Mason University supports the exploration of a shared governance model that brings students, faculty, staff, and administrators to the decision making table,” read the resolution passed by the Student Senate.

Even though student government represents the student body, it has no power to implement its policies.