2013 Graduates: Joseph Quarcoo


What brought you to Mason?: The opportunities

What is your proudest accomplishment while at Mason: Working to bring a polling location to campus

Favorite thing about Mason: The possibilities that Mason students have

Least favorite thing about Mason: “Endless construction.”

Favorite place to eat either on campus or in the area: On campus: Hot Spot, Off campus: Caribbean Corner

What is your dream job?: Prosecutor for the International Criminal court

If you could have lunch with one person who would it be: Martin Luther King Jr.

If you could create your own class at Mason, what would it be?: Space flight training

Who is you role model?: Christ

Favorite musician or band?: Lecrae, Regina Spector 

George Mason University prides itself on providing the tools and resources necessary to spark student success. After all, President Ángel Cabrera’s inauguration was all about the idea that Mason is a place where students and faculty can make a difference.

That’s precisely why Joseph Quarcoo first came to Mason.

“I thought: ‘here’s a place I could make a difference,” Quarcoo said. “But getting into the Honors College was the deciding factor.”

Quarcoo, now a graduating senior, has been involved in a number of different activities, including serving as a senator in student government, a Patriot Leader and a member of the Community Adjudication Board. Quarcoo first ran for student government as a sophomore after being challenged by a friend to get involved.

“[Quarcoo] advocates for others behalf by leading projects that will better the Mason and Fairfax community,” Danny Lee, a friend of Quarcoo’s, wrote in an email interview. 

According to Lee, Quarcoo has made an impact in almost everything he’s been involved in.

“Joseph's most positive impact has been his leadership as a head resident advisor and Speaker Pro Temp in student government,” wrote Lee. “As a HRA Joseph has inspired the Shenandoah neighborhood to have a sense of pride and community.”

Quarcoo has a few ideas for what he wants to do after graduation. As a government major, Quarcoo is drawn to a career in international law, and will probably go to law school after working as a paralegal. His dream career, Quarcoo said, is to work as a prosecutor for the International Criminal Court.

“I think a lot of human rights issues can be solved through law,” Quarcoo said.

According to Quarcoo, some of this drive to work in human rights is derived from his faith. Quarcoo said Jesus Christ serves as his principle role model.

“With Joe, he’s a guy who’s not satisfied with just being around [his faith],” said David Hermes, a campus minister at Grace Covenant Church. “He lives it out in his everyday life.”

Hermes and Quarcoo met while setting up a chapter of Everyday Nation Campus Ministries on campus.

 “We grow a lot in the past year because of people like Joe,” said Hermes.

Hermes believes that Quarcoo’s drive to work in human rights naturally comes from his faith in God.

“[Faith is] going to provoke a passion to defend the defenseless,” said Hermes. “I think it’s a direct correlation with his faith to care for the less privileged.”

“I try to live my life as [Christ] would,” Quarcoo said.

Earlier this semester, Quarcoo helped organize a large-scale service day through student government. During “Big Event,” students went out into the community to help the homeless, work on environmental projects and provide entertainment to seniors.

But Quarcoo says his biggest accomplishment while at Mason was helping to bring a polling location to campus in 2011.

Though there had been an effort to establish a single polling precinct for the university in the past, Quarcoo and fellow classmate Stan Heaney, made a final pitch to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Quarcoo and Heaney urged the board to unanimously approve a precinct on campus, to better spur student involvement in the election process.

“I think it was having unanimous support that made it so important,” Quarcoo said. “We didn’t want the decision to be overturned later.”

Though Quarcoo has contributed in diverse ways to Mason over the past four years, he will always be remembered by his leadership amongst the student community.

“Joseph is an inspirational student leader. He is always willing to help any student or resident in need,” wrote Lee. 

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