CFA opens 2013-2014 season with Jeffrey Siegel

Jeffrey Siegel begins his twenty-first year at CFA playing tunes of Gershwin (photo courtesy of Center for the Arts).

This Sunday kicks off the 2013-2014 season of Great Performances at Mason by the Center for the Arts (CFA). All throughout the year, concerts, operas, plays and other artistic spectacles will be rotating through the doors of the Center for the Arts, spectacles which any full-time Mason student can see for free.

Virtuoso pianist Jeffrey Siegel starts this season off as he presents the first of four concerts dubbed “Keyboard Conversations,” at George Mason University. Jeffrey Siegel described the format as a “concert with commentary.” Each of the pieces he plays, which are based on a particular theme, will be “played in their entirety” after an introduction and background by Siegel. 


The segment of “Keyboard Conversations” being held at 7 p.m. this Sunday, Sept. 15, is called “Gershwin and Friends,” showcasing the works of famed composer George Gershwin and many of his American contemporaries.


Noting that the music selection comes exclusively from American composers, Siegel commented that the production could be called “an American salute.” This session of “Keyboard Conversations” will create an environment to hear a cadre of “pianistic treasures” from the United States.


“Keyboard Conversations” provides a pleasant musical experience to both the avid classical music listener as well as the novice. 


Seigel said, “The format provides a very engaging and inviting and impressionable introduction to great music.” 


Members of the audience who have heard any of the pieces before will get the benefit of not only hearing it live but from having the experience enriched by the commentary side of the concert.


Without technical terms, Mr. Siegel will explain each piece, playing excerpts in addition to interweaving facts about the composer and the works in general. 


When questioned about performing at Mason’s Concert Hall, Siegel described it as a “particular pleasure.” He noted the cozy atmosphere of the Concert Hall, saying, “everyone feels that they’re a part of the performance.” The Concert Hall greatly enhances the experience of being in the presence of live classical music.


The Concert Hall, and the CFA in general, represents more than just a cozy environment, it represents a gateway to classical music and the similar arts. 


Free student tickets are available at the CFA box office.

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