Drag Queen Wins Ms. Mason

Reann Ballslee. Photo by Teddy Meyer.Story by Connect2Mason Breaking News Director Matt Todd. Photo by Teddy Meyer.

Ryan Allen became the first drag queen to win Ms. Mason at this week’s Homecoming 2009 "No One Has Swagger Like Us" Mr. and Ms. Mason contest.

Allen, a senior, ran as his counterpart, Reann Ballslee, donning a red wig, matching silver earrings and silver bracelet, a long red dress, and silver high heels. Announced during halftime at yesterday’s homecoming game, Allen said he was “shocked” to hear of his win.

“Personally, it's exciting. But I feel like the win is bigger than me. It says a lot about Mason and the student body. Not only do we go to a very diverse school, but that diversity is celebrated regularly--even at the homecoming game,” says Allen.

Though Allen expressed great joy in winning Ms. Mason, he also admitted how uneasy it made him at the same time. Yet, he sees it as a breakthrough and is ecstatic about the diversity of the school. He adds, “I hope that Reann's win will inspire others to do things that they may not feel one-hundred percent comfortable with. I was really nervous about the way my running would be seen by Mason--but as we can see, it worked out pretty well.”

Allen represented George Mason’s Pride Alliance and hosts the Annual Drag Show on campus. He’s also a costume designer for the Mason Players.

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