Four Loko concern expands, including Mason

The growing popularity of Four Loko among students on college campuses has universities across the country confronting the so-called “blackout in a can.”

Four Loko is an alcoholic energy drink sold in several flavors at a low price. It contains the alcohol equivalent of 5.6 regular drinks and the caffeine equivalent of three to four cans of Coke, according to a fact sheet provided by Mason’s Office of Alcohol, Drug and Health Education.

While some universities are outright banning Four Loko, Mason is actively monitoring the use of the drink by students on campus, something the university has done since at least last fall, said Mary Anne Sprouse, director of the Alcohol, Drug and Health Education office.

Sprouse said students should know about Four Loko’s high alcohol content and the ability of the caffeine to mask the alcohol’s affects.

Four Loko became national news earlier this fall when its consumption sent nine Central Washington University students to the hospital. The students had knowing consumed the beverage during a party which lead to their blood alcohol levels ranging from .123 to .35, according to officials. A blood alcohol level of .30 is considered deadly.

WTOP published a story today looking at regional concern over Four Loko. Read that story HERE.

For Mason students interested in more information about Four Loko or other topics, they can contact the Office of Alcohol, Drug and Health Education.

(Photo taken from Four Loko website)

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