Global affairs continues to be popular major for graduates

The most popular majors for 2013 graduates are in the fields of government and marketing (photo courtesy of George Mason University).
The most popular majors for 2013 graduates are in the fields of government and marketing (photo courtesy of George Mason University).

Graduation day is one of nerves, self-doubt and fear. However, it is also a day of celebration with the promise of a bright future.

Senior Becca Marshall calls graduation day “bittersweet.”

Marshall will be graduating this spring with a major in communication, with a concentration in public relations and a minor in electronic journalism.

“I had all of these goals for myself after graduation and now it seems very intimidating because it feels like now or never,” Marshall said. “Luckily, my goals coincided with my major and minor, so [they] are within reach if I play my cards right.” 

After graduation, Marshall will be joining the social media team for White+Partners, an advertising agency in Herndon.

According to Saskia Clay-Rooks, an associate director for Career Services, the most popular job fields expressed by seniors on Hire Mason are in government, technology, human services, consulting, public relations and marketing.

“It is important to note that a major often does not equal a career,” Clay-Rooks said. “Students may pursue a career based on a number of other factors.”

Clay-Rooks also said a student’s career may be determined by previous experience, interests and connections in fields other than their major.

Jack Censer, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, said some of the most popular majors within the college are communication, psychology, public and international affairs and global affairs.

Senior Victoria Baker is also graduating this May, with a major in global affairs with a concentration in non-profit management and a minor in art.

Baker does not have a job in her field lined up post-graduation but plans to pursue a master’s degree at Mason.

“I want to go to grad school to expand my knowledge and experience in the non-profit field,” Baker said. “I believe that a master’s degree in non-profit management would give me a sharper edge when competing for greater opportunities in the job market.”

Meanwhile, some graduating seniors are not planning to enter a graduate program nor a career based on their major.

Senior Kevin Prihoda, unlike Marshall and Baker, has chosen to enter the military after graduation. Prihoda is majoring in finance, but will attend army officer candidate school to be “part of something bigger.

“I want to know that I did something that will impact the future of our country, and I want to help it grow and become a top superpower in the world again,” Prihoda said. “And I feel that me entering the military as an officer will allow me to do that.”

In May, Career Services will send out an official survey to all graduating seniors, which will layout each graduate’s career plans.

Graduation this May marks the 46th annual Mason commencement. The commencement will be Saturday, May 18 at 10:00 a.m. in the Patriot Center.

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