Help cover the protests [CONTRIBUTE]

Here's your chance to help cover news on your campus. 

Two protests are expected to occur on the Fairfax Campus today, Wednesday, Nov. 9. The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) will be protesting the university’s weapons policy. The "GMU General Assembly" will be protesting perceived social and economic injustices. Connect2Mason will have reporters and photographers at each gathering (along with Student Government's event in Southside Plaza, Knowledge is Power).

But we also want your help – your eyes and ears  in making our coverage top-notch and comprehensive. We've outlined a few ways in which you can contribute below.

If you want to participate in the spread of knowledge and help share what's happening at Mason, you can: 

  • Tweet using the publicly-adopted hashtag  #gmu while commenting on what you see and/or taking a photo. (If you want to grab the staff's attention more quickly, add the hashtag #c2m to your tweet as well. You can also @-reply us).
  • Comment or upload a photo to our Facebook page.
  • Email the executive editor directly at

Note: These ways of interacting and contributing are always available to you. We just wanted to highlight them in light of the projected activity.


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