Mason's dodgeball record hopes deflated by UCI

Freshman Alex Kirchner expresses frustration over last month's failed attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's largest game of dodgeball. University of California at Irvine snagged the title late September. (photo illustration, Jenna Beaver) 

Attendants at the Mason Welcome Week Event: World’s Largest Game of Dodgeball on Sept. 3 are now learning their world record attempt was bounced by another university: University of California at Irvine.

According to the Guinness Book of World Record’s website, on Sept 22, less than three weeks after Mason’s attempt, UCI amassed a greater number of “dodgeballers” with 1,745 participants in the match, eclipsing Mason’s total of 1,257.

“I feel like we live in a competitive society where being praised as number one is a need for many. Mason attempted and actually accomplished to break a record,” said senior, graphic design major, Josay Ruiz. “I feel happy that I was able to partake in a world record breaker for Mason. I wasn’t at all expecting for Mason to forever hold the title though.”

Mason had been seeking approval for their record, which at the time had topped the previous record won by nearly 1,198 students at the University of Alberta. 

Another participant, junior, criminology major, Deshonta Gardner offered her reaction to Mason being “one-upped” by UCI. “I’m surprised that another school did the same attempt as us. I thought we would have it in the bag and the fact that another school tried too is surprising. It never hit me that another school would try to beat that record.”

Dennis Hicks, Associate Director at the Office of Student Involvement, says Mason will give it another shot next year. “We will try again in the fall. But we have to remember, we can’t get bigger than the football field,” joked Hicks.

Hicks also discussed plans to make the Guinness Book approval process quicker next year. “We really want to get someone from Guinness Book of World Records here with us to oversee the event,” said Hicks.

According to Hicks, having a representative at the event expedites what is otherwise an arduous process. “The paperwork to get a record-breaking attempt like this approved is more than twenty pages long,” Hicks said. “With a Guinness Book official here, our attempt could be approved immediately.”

The Office of Student Involvement plans to begin marketing the event during freshman orientations next summer. “We want to get registration up and running before students arrive on campus,” said Hicks. “Part of that advertisement will be to get a Facebook group up with pictures from this year.”


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