Project Sponsors Goats for Women's Empowerment in Uganda

UPDATED 2:46 p.m.

Local breeders displayed goats on the George Mason University campus Wednesday, April 29 to help raise awareness about a project which sponsors goat ownership in Uganda to empower the country's low-income women.

The goats, which appeared outside the Johnson Center during Earth Week activities, were brought on campus to draw attention to the Women and Gender Studies Program's work with the Bulondo Goat Project, a local-to-global project that through donations provides goats for women in Uganda to help provide sustenance for their families, as well as develop small businesses.

The project comes out of the program's partnership with the Women's Center for Job Creation, a non-governmental organization based in Minnesota and Uganda.

Partnership began in October 2008. To date, the Mason community has sponsored 50 goats for women in Uganda.




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