Share your story: snow highs

Cars lined the sides of the roads in Northern Virginia on Thursday, a day after a snowstorm hit the area and canceled classes. Several Mason community members reported horrors stories of getting home. (Daniel McEnrue) 

Like zombie apocalypses, bad weather can bring out the bad in people. But it can also bring out the good.

When George Mason University announced classes were canceled on Wednesday afternoon, students, faculty and staff scrambled to get home. Many found themselves facing hours of traffic and gridlock, and account of the speed and intensity of the storm, some were stranded all together.

Lots of people needed help in making it home safely. Some gracious souls took the time to make that happen.

Our friends at Broadside shared this thankful note with us:

A big shout out THANK YOU to the nice GMU student from Leesburg headed to Springfield yesterday 1/26/11 in the middle of the monster snow storm that stopped and picked me up on Roberts Rd and gave me a ride in her red 4X4 Cherokee Jeep. I was walking home from my abandoned car in downtown Fairfax to my home in Kings Park West and I truly appreciate the thoughtful gesture—and the HEAT for my frozen fingers!

Chris Findlay

Is your story similar? Did someone go out of their way to help you, whether on-campus or off? Do you have anyone you'd like to thank? 

Give them a shout-out in the comments below.

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