Shots from the rainy tailgate

Greg Mihokovich, left, and Hieu Tran from Phi Kappa Theta pose for the camera before the men's basketball game. (Josefina Yanez)

Rainy weather didn't stop everyone for coming out for the parade and tailgating before the big Men's Basketball game against Old Dominion University. The parade still took place, and some homecoming game-goers were just as spirited and smiley as ever.

(Yeah, you can't see the faces of the guys in the first photo—but you have to imagine they're smiling under there, right?)

Here are some shots from Saturday morning outside the Patriot Center courtesy of Communication student Josefina Yanez. 


Ashley Campbell, left, and Casey Campbell. (Josefina Yanez)


Kerri Noelle, Victoria Baker, Stephen Kakouris,Jessica Taylor and Esther Jimenez. (Josefina Yanez)


Angelica Bravo, left, and Fermina Mejia-Green. (Josefina Yanez)



Kristin Helgerson, Travis Menefee and Ginny Menefee. (Josefina Yanez)

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