Spring Preachin': 'Brother' Ross Jackson Speaks His Faith to Students

"Brother" Ross Jackson, a friend of "Brother" Micah Armstrong, preached his version of God's Word to a crowd of students outside the Johnson Center earlier today. (Jonathan Smith)

UPDATED 1:58 p.m. 

With spring in full bloom, students could be seen soaking up the sun, eating outside and listening to the bitter sounds of this spring’s first campus preacher.

Brother Ross Jackson came to George Mason University’s North Plaza Monday to preach to students about his personal relationship with God, and how he thinks other students can achieve salvation.

Jackson said he had never read the Bible until he was 25-years-old. He was then “saved” a year later, and now goes around to schools preaching was he considers God’s Word.

Like other preachers who have come to Mason, such as Brother Micah Armstrong–  with whom Jackson says he is friends with – Jackson discussed the prevalence of pre-martial sex on college campuses, as well as homosexuality. A self-proclaimed Christian, Jackson additionally touched on other non-Protestant religions such as Catholicism and Islam, questioning their validity.

A large crowd of about fifty students gathered around Br. Ross to hear him preach, with some students familiar with the on-campus preachers’ routine even pulling up lawn chairs to watch him. 

Many students listened only briefly before continuing on their way to class or lunch. 

“I think it’s embarrassing that people like this come to Mason because it misrepresents the true teaching of Christianity. It’s upsetting that this what [people] hear and what they think Christianity is,” said Virginia Mills a junior global affairs major.

Other students shared Mills’ sentiments.

“I have no sympathy or respect for any man or woman or zealot who comes on a campus and insults people by calling them ‘sluts’ or ‘whores.’ Insulting people is no way to try and insight conversation. [He needs to] start the conversation in a respectful manner,” said Jackie Drzemiecki a senior history major.

After being heavily cursed and heckled at by students, Jackson said that he may not return to preach tomorrow, April 13.

UPDATED: Despite the heckling and rain, Jackson returned to campus today to preach, with bible and gallon of water in hand. Numerous students stopped to hear him speak, arguing back at the preacher. The crowd, consisting of students both with and without umbrellas, was significantly smaller than Jackson's previous visit.



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