Stuff Mason Students Like #9: Couches in the JC

Feast your eyes on Mason's napper's paradise. Find an empty couch in one of these Johnson Center alcoves during a long weekday, and well, they're just lovely. (Jenna Beaver) 

What's that?

“Stuff Mason Students Like” is pretty self-explanatory. Inspired by the popular blog Stuff White People Like, it draws attention to—go figure—the stuff that George Mason University students like.

In doing so, the column aims to foster a common culture among Mason’s student population, publish what people are thinking and say, and most importantly, to poke some fun at the Mason student body. 

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If you spot someone in the Johnson Center on the second or third floor between 2:30 and 4 p.m., roaming around with a determined yet tired look on their face, you know they aren’t looking for an empty table to study. Yesterday, that someone was me.

Even though it was only the beginning of the second week of classes, and yes, even though Mason graciously gave us Labor Day off, I already felt tired and was in desperate need of a nap before lab.

There are several ways to deal with that “2:30 feeling,” as the 5-hour energy commercials so aptly put it. There are many places on campus that sell coffee or some other kind of pick-me-up drink. But maybe you just spent $400 on books and are currently in a penny-pinching mood.

Another option is to crash at someone’s dorm. With about 5,400 students living on campus now, odds are one of them would open up their place to you. Right?

Or perhaps you are like me, too sleepy and too lazy to walk back to your dorm. And that is when the furniture in the JC starts to look appealing.

The JC has four main seating areas located on the second and third floors that often serve as pit stops for napping in between classes. There are a variety of love seats and armchairs to fit each student’s respective sleeping styles. So whether you prefer to sleep curled up or flat out, you are bound to find a spot that fits.

Each area is located in front of huge windows, providing us with beautiful, scenic views of Lot K or David King Hall. The sun streams in and illuminating the couches, making them look all the more glorious as if some higher power knew what you were seeking.

The location and comfort of these four seating areas make them popular for “in-between-class nappers.” You will hardly see an empty couch in these areas, particularly in the afternoon. This is what I encountered yesterday while looking for a place to rest my head. Good thing there are other cushioned seats dotting the JC; all you have to do is look.

The third floor is a good place to start, as it houses most of the JC’s comfortable seating. Cushioned benches are tucked in the halls that lead to the JC’s group rooms. This is where I found my solace before lab yesterday. Additionally, there is a huge, crescent-shaped couch adjacent to the computer lab and next to the math room are two small love seats.

In all honesty, the couches and seats in the JC are not the most attractive or appealing places to crash. You certainly would not see them in a Haverty’s commercial. But when the eyelids get heavy in between classes, the JC couches can be a blessing in disguise. So don’t be surprised if you spot a drool spot on one of the seats.

As the semester progresses and the work piles up, sometimes the occasional drool spot is tolerable when you’re tired and in need of a nap.

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