Top 5 'liked' Greek Week 2012 photos

This year's Greek Week saw many changes which reflected the philanthropic efforts of the fraternity and sorority life community.

The greeks participated in events like Shackathon, Field Day and Aquatics Night, ending the week with Greek Sing.

The winners overall for this year's Greek Week included Iota Phi Theta in the 1-40 member fraternity division, Alpha Kappa Alpha in the 1-40 member sorority division, Pi Kappa Alpha in the 40+ member fraternity division and Alpha Phi in the 40+ member sorority division.

The FSL community took to Connect2Mason's Facebook page and voted on their top 5 photos in the Greek Week photo gallery, with the most liked featured below. Connect2Mason thanks those people who liked the photos and participated in voting.

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#1 Alpha Phi and Iota Phi Theta in front of their shack (62 likes)

#2 Phi Sigma Kappa and Kappa Sigma's Greek Week banner (43 likes)

#3 Sarah Shapiro during the Relay Race (25 likes) Photo by Dakota Cunningham

#4 Alpha Phi during Tug of War (20 likes) Photo by Dakota Cunningham

#5 Phi Sigma Kappa during Greek Sing (19 likes)


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