Valentine's, or VCU? [VIDEO]

How did students answer the question in the North Plaza? (Jake McLernon)

February 14 goes by many names for students. For many, it's Valentine's Day. For some, it's Singles Awareness Day, Hallmark Day or V-Day. This year, for the Mason Nation, V-day might carry a whole new name: VCU Day.

The Mason community has a choice this Valentines Day to celebrate this romantic holiday somewhere off-campus or go and watch the GMU vs. VCU men's basketball home game at 9 p.m.

It’s a conflicting choice for diehard basketball fans. Mason, VCU and Drexel are all tied for first place in the CAA conference. If the men's basketball team wins this game, Mason will remain at the top spot with only two weeks left in the conference season.

For the Patriots, the standings spell pressure. For some fans, the decision to go or not go may spell pressure, too.

So which is it? Valentine's, or VCU?


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