Your snow adventure, in pictures and videos

Last updated: 8:42 p.m.

Stuck in traffic? Trying to get to Southside? Already made a masterpiece of a snowman? Share a picture or video of your snow adventure with us on Twitter and we'll post 'em below.

Extra points for those "moving pictures"— we'll place the best video on our page of updates.

Don't tweet? You can still share through a link in comments.

President's Park via @amyfitz92


"We should have gotten off earlier" via @anamii

"Is this real life?" via @yasmintadjdeh


Johnson Center in the snow via @ShaneSmith13

Stuck at the metro via @jordanjfrasier

From SUB II to Southside via @alexromano

From the Patriot Center via @ajdecelle



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