Fimian touts business experience during Mason visit

Keith Fimian (R) speaks to a crowd of about 40 people in a Johnson Center meeting room. (Jordan Frasier)

UPDATED: 09/08/10 12:40 a.m.

The George Mason College Republicans hosted Congressional Candidate Keith Fimian at their meeting Tuesday night.

Fimian, a candidate for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, which includes the Mason campus, spoke about his candidacy for about 20 minutes to a group of 40 people gathered on the third floor of the Johnson Center.

After arriving over a half-hour late, Fimian talked about his experience as a businessman and CEO and how that experience would benefit him if elected to congress.

Fimian described himself as a businessman who felt the need to run for office, saying Congress needs people who are good with numbers, but also principled.

He also talked about the need for hard work in America, saying great things are possible “with hard work and a decent idea.” Going on to say, “I have lived the American Dream.”

Fimian continued to reference the American Dream while warning the crowd of a troubled future if certain policies don’t change. Of top concern, Fimian pointed to a worrisome amount of debt and large number of entitlement programs.

Addressing his opponent in the election, Fimian said incumbent Congressman Gerry Connolly lacks the skills needed to perform the job and address the current tasks at hand. Fimian said Connolly hasn't created jobs, and because of his background in business, Fimian would be able to.

As a businessman turned potential congressman, Fimian said he would change incentives to make government smaller and more efficient.

Voters in the 11th Congressional District will see Fimian and Connolly on the ballot for the second time, after their matchup in 2008, come the general election on Nov. 2.

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