Metro to Mason shuttle catches fire, no injuries

No injuries were reported this morning after a Metro to Mason shuttle carrying approximately 14 passengers caught fire, according to Mason’s parking and transportation director.

At approximately 7:45 a.m. the driver of the Reston Limousine shuttle bus sensed there was a problem after he heard a pop from the engine. The driver then pulled off the road and into the Sunrise Senior Assisted Living home parking lot.

Then smoke began coming from the hood of the vehicle and the driver evacuated the passengers and called 911.

The Fairfax County Fire Department responded to the call and was on the scene for about an hour.

According to the Fire Department the fire started in the motor department area and the investigation is now closed.

A fire marshal will visit Reston Limousine headquarters tomorrow to try and find an exact cause of the fire, said Tony Simon, the general manager of Reston Limousine.

Mason Parking and Transportation Director Josh Cantor said the driver handled the situation accordingly and “did all the right things.”

According to Simon, the shuttle bus was totaled and completely damaged from the engine on and the vehicle will need to be replaced.

Passengers on the Metro to Mason shuttle were moved onto a new shuttle bus after the fire occurred.


*Photo by Peter Flint: The aftermath of the shuttle fire in the parking lot of Sunrise Senior Assisted Living, Dec. 7, 2010.

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