Payment options for vending machines soon to include Mason Money

On-campus vending machines will continue to take credit and cash later this spring, but they will also take Mason Money. (Jenna Beaver)

Plans are in place for a large percentage of vending machines to begin taking Mason Money by the end of spring semester.

The move is another step in a larger attempt to offer Mason Money as a payment option where cash is accepted, according to Mark Kraner, executive director of campus retail operations and auxiliary enterprises. The resulting environment would be a campus where a students "wouldn't need to carry cash," unless he or she wanted to.

Eighty-five vending machines will receive the readers in late April. The long-term goal is that the readers will eventually become both credit and Mason Money readers.

Mason Money is a pre-paid debit account tied to a student, staff or faculty member’s ID. Money added to an account stays until an individual leaves Mason.

A higher concentration of the readers will appear in residence areas, according to Kraner, but they will also be added to academic buildings. 

Money earned from vending machines goes to student scholarships.


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