Snap of the Week, April 8

Hey Patriots. Welcome to Week 3 of  a new weekly feature on Connect2Mason, the C2M Snap of the Week. 

The idea's pretty simple:

  • We take a lot of photos here in Student Media, and we don't always get to use all of them with our content. We don't want to let all those just sit on a server (or in the cloud).
  • You all take a lot of photos, too. We see bunches of breaking news TwitPics on Twitter and lots of fun ones on Facebook, and we want to highlight some of the best (with your permission).

Each Friday, members of the staff will review the photos we've seen and taken. If the best comes from our photographers, you'll see that photo. If we see one online, we'll contact you, and let you know we'd like your photo to be featured online as the Snap of the Week (we won't use anything without you giving us the "good-to-go").

We're also taking submissions. If you want to have your photo considered,  you can send it directly to the executive editor at Please include "Snap of the Week submission" in the subject line.

You can also upload a photo to our Facebook wall.

This week's Snap

This week's Snap comes to us from Evan Cantwell, a senior photographer with University Relations. It's a shot of student Rebecca Allen studying by the Mason Pond on the Fairfax campus.

Mason Pond, located south of Mason Hall and the Center for the Arts, tends to become a popular spot for studying, having picnics and stretching after runs around Patriot Circle when the weather warms up (which it finally did early this week). 

More flip-flop weather looks like it's coming on Sunday

If you're looking for something to read in the meantime – and maybe coming up with your first date idea for the spring – check out this earlier C2M piece on the pond as campus's "couple hot spot."



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