Subway restaurant, convenience store planned for Housing VIIIA


A Subway restaurant is scheduled to open on the ground-level of new campus housing in the spring semester of 2012, according the executive director of campus retail operations.

The location, which will be operated in Housing VIIIA by the campus food-service contractor Sodexo, will also be connected to a convenience store. The two will operate in the same space with patrons paying at one register.

Subway’s full-menu will be offered, according to Mark Kraner, executive director of campus retail operations.

The convenience store will be the third convenience store on campus. Patriot Express operates on the first floor of the Johnson Center. One Stop Patriot Shop operates on the ground floor of the Blue Ridge dorm in the Chesapeake housing area. 

Housing VIIIA’s convenience store will be similar to the One Stop Patriot Shop but “expanded a bit more,” according to Kraner.

Names for the dormitory buildings in Housing VIIIA, which is located in the northwest portion of campus near the Recreation and Athletic Complex, have not yet been announced. 

Plans for the dining location, which rest at the bottom of one of the two dorms, do not include seats.



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